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Sometimes we experience unexpected or expected dramatic changes in our lives. Richmond Counselling Services individualizes each client's treatment plan, so it can be effective at the right pace for the client. Mental health can lead to further issues and physical problems if not treated when needed. Check out our service below to get started on your healing journey.


Stress is a prevalent part of Canadian's daily lives with many reporting they experience a consistently high degree of stress everyday.

Life Transitions

We experience several periods in our life involving a change to our lifestyle. Counselling can be beneficial during life transitions.


Everyone experiences anxiety. Someone with an anxiety disorder experiences anxiety more frequently, and for longer periods of time.


Being a caregiver can be a rewarding experience however it can create a high level of stress resulting in physical/emotional distress.


It is important to discuss your symptoms with a medical doctor. Therapy has proven helpful in the treatment of depression.


Grief is a complex natural process of loss. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and secure environment to share your story and begin the processof recovery.

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About Us

Richmond Counselling Services is owned and operated by Debra. Debra is a Registered Social Worker with over ten years of experience. She graduated from Western University earning both a Bachelor and Master of Social Work degree and additional clinical training. Debra uses an eclectic therapeutic approach. Her goal is to provide a comforting and compassionate space for clients.

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