Life Transitions

We experience several periods in our life involving change to our lifestyle. For the most part these changes happen without too much stress. Often we celebrate milestones and changes - but sometimes those same events can cause some people to have high levels of stress and they may find the changes distressing. It is during this time that people may start to evaluate their life and wonder about their future. Change is often expected and we prepare ourselves to best meet the change but sometimes it is unexpected and the change becomes difficult for us. There are times when we plan for a significant life transition, feel prepared and accepting but later find the change is causing us distress.

Etapes de développement et de croissance d'une pâquerette, fond vert et soleil

Some Life Transitions Include:

  • High School to post-secondary studies
  • Entering young adulthood
  • Moving away to school
  • Re-locating your home or your place of employment
  • Getting married
  • Starting a family
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Retirement
  • Significant changes in health
  • Late adulthood

Change is about doing things differently. Most times we manage change without difficulties. Sometimes change creates stress and we may find that distressing. We may feel anxious or depressed, experience changes in our eating and sleeping patterns, we may feel grief over loss caused by change. Counselling can be beneficial in helping with the difficulties of life transitions.

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